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This is my selfish place.

I created this place for purely selfish reasons (and with the gentle push of my incredibly supportive husband, Elliott). Time and time again, I am asked for my recommendations for places to stay, eat, or explore in countries or cities that I go. Luckily after ever trip I take, I diligently (or freakishly?) write up my favorite things; dislikes, tips, tricks, addresses, menu items, you name it. So time and time again after a “Give me a list of things to do in (insert city/country name here)!” request, I would dig up my responses in some crappily organized gmail drafts folder, cobble something together and send it off.

Walking on a dream out by Salvation Mountain -- 50 miles north of the Mexican Border

By Salvation Mountain–50 miles north of the Mexican Border

Sometimes the formatting would be a mess.

Sometimes something would be spelled wrong.

Sometimes I would send a recap I wrote when I was a 20-something-year-old meant for my best friend, to someone I didn’t know very well telling them where the best place to get acid in South America was.

Selfishness kicked in. Instead of re-writing and re-editing something every time, I wanted to be able to send people a link- with the best of the best, some photos, and my POV- all in one place.

This is a collection of those lists that I’ve written throughout the years, consolidated in one place.

I’m not a professional. I just like to travel, eat, and drink. I know what I like, I know what I don’t like. I’ve got opinions, and I know what things don’t make me mad. So here you go.

Enjoy (or don’t!).

Nichola getting fresh with a defenseless mannequin...typical

Whidbey Island, Washington